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By | July 2, 2020

Stephen King, our long-time associate publisher and colleague has decided to follow new life-challenges and has left the employ of W.I. Media, Inc. and Wood Industry magazine. Please join with us in wishing Steve God-speed and every success in all his endeavours.

Kerry Knudsen

As you know, we are a small and independent publisher, with two national print magazines and a palette of events, surveys, e-letters, websites and so on. Because our industries are so closely focused on the “occupied space” sector, and because we subscribe to a highly independent, original, content-dense and intensive publication model, we need to consider next steps carefully. It will be a challenge to find a new sales contact that can fit the bill. 

In the interim, I will be the main and only sales contact. My contact details are below. 


We are closing the July/August issue of Wood Industry on Tuesday. This will be a double challenge for many of our advertisers. As you know, the IWF in Atlanta this August has been cancelled. This cuts two ways. One, companies will not want to advertise in advance of a show that will not happen. On the other hand, the cancellation of the show limits available promotional opportunities to very few. I get it. We not only have a big dog in the fight, we ARE the big dog. Nonetheless, your options are being reduced to promoting or not promoting your company, your goods and your services. 

W.I. Media remains the only unique media option in the market. How is that? Our readers look forward to our objective, no-hidden-messages reader profiles. For over 20 years, we have been visiting shops across Canada and finding out what makes business owners click. Our readers benefit from our business-to-business features. While other publications may try to teach your customers why they need to buy your competitors’ equipment, we humbly proclaim that we don’t know how to manufacture wood products. We may have a better idea than most, but we stick with what we know, have been trained for and have a long record of success reporting: costs of production, environmental rules, costs of compliance, import/export, labour, economics, etc. We are specialists in original business content, not repurposing copy. 

Our readers respond overwhelmingly to our no-holds-barred editorial commentary. It still surprises us that in this strange, new world, some people think other people should be restrained from thinking, visiting and discussing. Our readers don’t think so, and the positive responses to our commentaries is, frankly, stunning. We have posted lists of hundreds of comments before, and can again if you like. Drop me a line. The point iswhether people agree or disagree with a  popular publication does not matter. What matters is that they read. When they actually open and read a trade magazine, your ad gets seen. This is the difference between a professional trade magazine and a hackers catalog. 


We work hard to provide new product releases that actually mean something, not “value-added” for the biggest advertisers. Your customers know when they are being played, and they don’t like it. This has been surveyed to death, and the results are always the same. Your customers do not like being abused, even when other publishers see their names as a change purse to tap up to three times a day. 

The July/August issue will deal with marketing and current developments in the digital attacks on free marketing, free expression and the right to do business. It will be read. We will also present the ever-popular Bullets and By the Numbers departments, as well as the photo bit in the back, this time featuring a shot along the Ottawa River in Quebec. 

We will continue to support and advance all the shows that have an interest in the Canadian market. However, in the interim, we will redouble our editorial efforts to capture and hold the attention of your customers, to energize the industry as a whole and to support the free flow of real information through all our products on a monthly or oftener basis. 

I can’t call everybody in the wake of Steve’s departure, and there is little time. Shoot me a line or call. It’s not difficult. Our rates are our rates. No hidden discounts for your competitors. We have frequency programs, a distributor’s option for people that rep several brands and discounts for programs prepared by an agency. We also offer no-cost ad creation and production, as well as professional advice on markets and impact. 

It’s a changing world. Some will advance; some will fail. We will do everything in our power to make certain you are in the driver’s seat with your market profile.  

dios, Steve, we had some adventures. You made a difference. 


Kerry Knudsen, 647-274-0733

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