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Sands of time

Stephen King, our long-time associate publisher and colleague has decided to follow new life-challenges and has left the employ of W.I. Media, Inc. and Wood Industry magazine. Please join with us in wishing Steve God-speed and every success in all his endeavours. As you know, we are a small and independent publisher, with two national print magazines and… Read More »

Best business plan

You may have missed it, but Sonya Duhé, who was announced on March by Arizona State University as its incoming dean of the School of Journalism, was abruptly canceled following allegations by a few former students that said she has a history of making racist and insensitive comments. This is just one in a long line… Read More »

Business minding 

I guess I have to admit I am becoming less optimistic about this Covid deal. I was all in when it began. The government was projecting millions of deaths if we didn’t do “something.” However, now we have done “something,” but if you look at the backtrack, it weaves like a midnight highway on Canada… Read More »

Listening harder than ever

Would it be a conflict of interests if an agent for an advertiser was sleeping with the publisher of a magazine in which that advertiser placed ads? Is that what is meant by the term “media relations?” Gasp! We don’t talk about personal relationships! Well, normally we don’t. But what if that advertiser then pulled… Read More »

All in this together

This will be a big week, and we have a lot to cover. First, a big change. As most of you know, Wood Industry has a sister magazine, Coverings, for people that sell, install and design floorcovering products in Canada. When we started the Supply Side newsletter some time back, we addressed only the wood… Read More »

Casey Jones

I guess the big news for the supply side this month is the cancellation of SIBO. Even bigger than it looks. This is going to one of those delicate things where folks are going to say I am attacking and being self-serving, but if you look at it, you will see there are facts and… Read More »

Sales intelligence

My brother-in-law, Mark, has a plaque on his wall that says, “In order for artificial intelligence (AI) to evolve from zero to Einstein, it first has to go through Larry, Moe and Curly,” for those of you that recall the iconic Three Stooges. It is difficult to assess, in real time, where we are on… Read More »

Got your back

I had a fascinating meeting a few months back with a director–/president-/c-level of a major company that used to advertise with us every issue, and has not advertised for over 10 years. However, he reads everything we print or blast, so I asked why, and we had lunch. This company still has not advertised, so we’ll leave who it is… Read More »

Double the spam

I saw in the news last week that Elton John peed his pants during a performance in Las Vegas in 2017. The story, itself, is horrid. The writer, Joseph Wilkinson, with the New York Daily News would never have passed Freshman Comp II with Kerry Knudsen. Of course, that was in the late ‘70s, and… Read More »


I opened my remarks last May at the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) at the Poynter Institute for Media Studies with a question: “What would the industry (media) look like if everything we thought we knew was wrong?” I reasoned if that were true, then we could expect a decrease in readership, a… Read More »